mediator, arbitrator and Administrative Law Judge 

Michael R. Diliberto, Esq.

Real estate

representatives cases

  • Action by buyer against seller of real property alleging breach of contract for construction and sale of real property.

  • Lottery winner claimed she was the victim of fraud and elder abuse by others who gained her trust and caused her to invest millions of dollars in real estate investments.

  • Claims for breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, fraud, and related claims brought by a real estate developer against a real estate broker. The broker’s MLS listing stated that the property was zoned LAR4, and allowed the buyer to build a multifamily building containing up to 16 units. After close of escrow, the buyer discovered that a General Plan Land Use contained restrictive zoning that took priority over the R4 zoning. As a result of the zoning conflict, buyer claimed damages for development fees incurred, lost profits for inability to develop the property as represented by the broker, and for the difference between the purchase price and the true value of the property.